frap Is Green
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Green Is Good.

It’s nice when the environmentally responsible thing and the profitable thing are one and the same. That’s exactly what being FRAP Ready brings to your operation.

By incorporating a high percentage of FRAP into your mix, you will:

  • Reduce the amount of virgin rock mined. Less mining, less blasting and more of a precious resource is preserved for the coming generations.
  • Use less oil. Because reclaimed asphalt already contains a coating of oil, you’ll reduce the amount of new oil needed in your mix.
  • Decrease the energy used for processing. Turning reclaimed asphalt back into useable aggregate requires less energy than processing virgin stone.
  • Conserve the energy used for trucking. Because the FRAP is created onsite, there’s no trucking cost — environmentally and financially speaking.
  • Lessen the pollution and CO produced at each step of the process. The majority of FRAP Ready operations reduce the power and fuel consumption needed during production and distribution.
  • Save money. Lots of it. The advantages of a FRAP Ready operation go well beyond being green. Use our online calculator to learn just how much you can save.

FRAP Ready means a greener planet and a greener wallet.