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An Extra Million In Your
Pocket And A Pair Of Tough Machines To Boot.

Saving money without cutting corners is a tall order in the asphalt business. The margins have been squeezed to the point where there’s no room for error. But there is an answer… Be FRAP Ready.

A FRAP Ready operation that processes 300,000 tons of RAP a year and uses a 25/75 mix of FRAP and virgin aggregate can save more than two million dollars a year. That’s enough to pay off the equipment AND put a million back in your pocket in the first year!

Use the calculator below to determine exactly what being FRAP Ready could mean to your operation.

Fill in the blank spaces with your operation’s specific numbers. Calculations will be automatically updated as you enter information into one box and then advance to the next. Fill in all boxes to learn just how much you could save.

Virgin Cost Calculators

Virgin Aggregate Cost (per ton):
Liquid Asphalt Cement Cost (per ton):
Percent Asphalt Cement in FRAP:

Replacement Value

Virgin Aggreagate:
Liquid Asphalt Cement:
Total Vigin Oportunity Cost Replacement (per ton):

FRAP Costs

Cost of Acquiring RAP (per ton):
Cost of Fractionating RAP (per ton):
Total Cost of FRAP (per ton):
Realized Value of FRAP (per ton):

Bottom Line Savings in HMA design

Percent of FRAP used in mix:
Total Savings (per ton) in HMA Design:
Total Saving (per year):